Everything can be improved.



What is Lean?

Lean is a way of thinking and acting which engages the organization to continuously improve and makes it become a sustainable learning organization.


What does Lean Concepts do?

Lean Concepts trains and coaches’ management to a new way of thinking and acting in order to identify and solve problems. Big as well as small ones. All in line with “Together Everything can be Improved. Everything.”


What results are being achieved?

Results show through new solutions making daily work more efficient and stimulating. Simply, more number of enjoyable days at work – which you can notice everywhere in the organization. In particular, on the bottom line.


What we do

What about more number of enjoyable days at work? We at Lean Concepts train and coach management and employees to a new way of thinking and offer practical support to the organization.

Leadtime is reduced by



Work satisfaction increases


in the organization

Quality increases by





Coachning av ledningsgrupp och chefer

Logistikcompaniett är ett av Stockholms största transportföretag med ca 160 medarbetare och ledningen hade ett tydligt mål för vårt samarbete. Att skapa medarbetarengagemang i alla led.


Vi som jobbar på Lean Concepts