18 February, 2017
Visa allt

C2U and Lean Concepts – a merger with exceptional strategic fit; September 1, 2017

C2U and Lean Concepts have up to now almost exclusively been operating in different market segments. This both in terms of type of customer, as well as geography. The added value out of this merger for both customers and employees were instantly identified by the founders of both companies.

The extensive experiences of C2U with customers within manufacturing in Norway and Sweden, combined with Lean Concept’s from the service/administrative sectors in private and public organizations in Sweden and internationally, makes us an even more attractive and stronger partner to our current and future customers. Additionally, we are together an even more attractive employer.

Factors that have brought both companies their success are:

  • Competence leadership:
    • Continuous and systematic competence development,
    • Focusing on the customer’s needs, we combine and match competences through strategic alliances,
    • Initiate and contribute with training, study tours, publishing of books and various litterature.
  • The conviction that the team is greater than the individual – cooperation is central
    • Combine experiences and competences fully, to meet customer needs
  • Every customer must be our best reference

The merger means, we own and lead our company together, but will operate under separate names.

We have offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. A special training center is located in south Sweden.

Lean Concepts AB

Founded (2000) by Paula Braun and Robert Kessiakoff. Lean Concepts has had a vital role in developing and spreading Lean within service/administrative organizations in Sweden and internationally. To secure the successful implementation of ”Lean Practice” the outset has always been to focus on “Lean Thinking” as the cultural foundation.

Lean Concepts cooperates with well-known companies in Sweden and internationally, within both the private as well as the public sector. Organizations that can vary from approx. 100 – 10’s of thousands of employees.

Management’s ambition to develop competitive advantages and meet financial and operating objectives is the starting point.

Through management and employee training on ”learn how to learn”. This means to become proactive through continuous improvements, listening to the voice of the customer and being resource efficient through engaged employees.

With a combination of consulting, focus on culture & leadership, operational support and training can everything be improved. Everything!

Read more about Lean Concepts and Lean Concepts Academy: http://leanconcepts.eu/

C2U Group

C2U Group was founded in 2011 by Björn Eirik Begland, Jan Granaas, André Knüppel and Jonas Pettersson after they had worked together at REC. In 2016, C2U and JMAC Scandinavia merged. JMAC Scandinavia was founded in 1999.

Our services can be categorized in to three main ares: consulting, culture & leadership and training. Most assignments are set up as a combination of the services we provide to best meet your needs and the targets you have.

C2U Group does also include C2U Academy, who is a major supplier specialized on Lean, continuous learning and learning organizations.

Read more about C2U Group: http://c2ugroup.com